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20 students

Social Media has this unique power of reducing the distance between companies and customers. Customers prefer interacting with companies on the social media platforms just because they can get their queries and issues cleared within a shorter duration. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitter are being used by different companies in different ways. Undergoing our social media marketing training in Chennai will build professionals who are capable of making social media plans that suit the business objectives.

The advantages of taking up an SMO/SMM training are:

  • Since social media platforms have billions of users, it leads to countless business opportunities for diverse business entities. A social media marketing expert will know how to tap these opportunities into sales.
  • Social Media is used by individuals belonging to all types of age groups. With the right social media strategy, one will be able to create better business opportunities.
  • Businesses have started to invest in social media Ads more in recent times. Social Media Ads are said to be more effective when framed in the right way.
  • A company needs to have a social media marketing expert to help them plan their social media marketing work based on business objectives.

Looking to take advantage of the hype surrounding social media marketing? Our social media marketing course in Chennai can help you out.

Social Media Marketing Syllabus

Module 1:

  • Importance of Social Media Marketing
  • Why companies are moving to Social Media?
  • Can Social Media Really Help you achieve your critical business objective?

Module 2:

  • How to avoid the Social Media Mistakes that even big companies commit?
  • How can you achieve your social media goals?

Module 3:

  • How to Facebook your way to success?
  • Understanding the different Ads you can run using Facebook

Module 4:

  • The Glue of Social Media – Creating Content and the joy of becoming a publisher

Module 5:

  • How to succeed and make successful marketing plans through Facebook Advertising?

Module 6:

  • Everything you should know about YouTube and creating traffic using videos.

Module 7:

  • Beyond the Selfie – how to use Instagram to get you great followers and become famous?

Module 8:

  • Using LinkedIn to achieve fame and fortune
  • 3 Different types of LinkedIn Ads

Module 9:

  • How can social media platforms work in line with a company’s website?
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