About Us

We are a group of digital marketing professionals who provide digital marketing services to companies and digital marketing training to marketing enthusiasts. Starting with a team of 2, we now have over 15+ employees handling the services and training part. The main advantage of us training students in the space of digital marketing is that we are able to train them better with our practical digital marketing expertise. We have conducted over 150+ training sessions for students, working professionals and business owners. Since we cater to a wider client base, we bring that knowledge into the picture when training our students.

We conduct classroom as well as online training sessions or a combination of both depending upon the convenience of the trainee. We fix our training sessions in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt the work routine of our trainees. One key advantage that we offer in our digital marketing training institute in Chennai is that we encourage students to join us as an intern post-training period. This will help them gain more practical insights on how digital marketing actually works and further strengthens their digital marketing knowledge.

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